Conquer Fear

One way to deal with fear is to reprogram ourselves out of it. This can be easier than it sounds because we can only experience one strong feeling at a time. Begin by getting yourself pumped and into a peak state where you are feeling fearless. An easy way for me to do this is through music.

For example, recently while virtual traveling,  I became fascinated by a particular YouTube video of crown Prince Fazza skydiving over Palm Island in Dubai. He was gliding calmly and effortlessly, engaging in various acrobatics during his descent. I am not particularly fond of heights, so was impressed and then began to feel exhilarated while watching him having fun in a situation that would have terrified me.  I noted that in the background of this video, music was playing, and the words, “You can do anything you want to,” were being repeated.

I had already been introduced to the concept of anchoring by Tony Robbins, where you deliberately set up a trigger to achieve an emotion that you want to feel. So, I took that opportunity to make the song an anchor for me that would trigger the visual and subsequently that peak state of fearlessness whenever I needed it. I put the music on my playlist and now it has become something that I call upon whenever I want to feel fearless. Here is the YouTube video of which I am speaking: