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                                              “Your beliefs become your thoughts. 

                                                Your thoughts become your words. 

                                                Your words become your actions. 

                                                Your actions become your habits.

                                                Your habits become your values. 

                                                Your values become your destiny.”

                                                                  Mahatma Gandi



I once had a very close relative who was a great human being.  She had many challenges in her lifetime which she overcame with resourcefulness and dignity.  But sometimes, particularly when she was tired, she would explode and lash out at whoever was around her.

It is now common knowledge that peoples’ negativity can be picked up by others. Sometimes I would come away from those encounters feeling ill.  But as I developed more awareness, I came to know that her reactions had little to do with others and more to do with her own mindset. A lot of that anger was governed by fear: fear that she was not good enough, fear that she would not be accepted, and ultimately, fear that she was not lovable.  Though she was extremely competent and confident on the exterior, deep down she was a frightened soul who had no idea how to express love or that anyone could and did love her.

This story is familiar to everyone. It has a universal theme.  And as we begin to understand human nature, we realize that there are only so many variations of the same theme.