About Me

My name is Patti Rogers and I am a psychologist, writer, and student of life.

I don’t know about you, but early on in life I noticed that I had fears that kept me from doing many things I wanted to accomplish. I pledged to get rid of those fears and at some point realized that it would be a lifelong task. In fact, it was probably the desire to be fearless that lead me to the life I am currently living.

After having learned the secret of how to eliminate most of my fears from renowned  teachers like the Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, and others,  I have decided to pass along what I was taught.

I currently live in the southwest and spend my free time hiking, dancing, and engaging in other physical activities. This shot below of me was taken in Flagstaff, Arizona at a fairly high elevation.


While in Arizona,  I wrote the three books below about my experiences in that area:

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Shortly afterwards, I relocated near Vegas where I wrote:

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I just finished the following novel under the pen name of Danielle Ashton and am working on a sequel to it.

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I do movie reviews for a local television channel in the Vegas area. Some of these are included in my book “Still In Vegas,” as well as what went on during filming.

Below is a shot of me back in the day with the late great movie reviewer Rogers Ebert. You may note that in the photo I am wearing way too much makeup.


Soon afterwards I got it together. Here I am at Yanni’s book signing:


Book Links: